Lužánky Municipal Swimming Pool

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Olympic-Size Indoor Swimming Pool 27°C27°C

The Olympic-size swimming pool with eight lanes, depth ranging from 1.8 to 5 m and water temperature of 27°C is meant both for the public as well as competitive athletes. The diving tower and diving boards are an inseparable feature of such a sports venue. There are diving platforms of 10; 7.5; 5 and 3 meter height above the water level.

The ideal training conditions at our center are used by sports organizations, swimming schools, scuba divers, high board divers, water polo players, synchronized swimmers or water rugby players especially during the afternoon and evenings.

On nice summer days, there is also an outdoor terrace available to you accessible directly from the pool hall offering 6 showers and relaxation sun loungers.

Auxiliary Facilities And Changing Rooms

There are renovated changing rooms and showers available to you since 2012. The changing rooms are newly designed as common premises both for men and women featuring special cubicles for changing clothes. This enabled the creation of a larger space for drying rooms which remain separated for men and women just as the shower rooms. Structural adjustments also made it possible to increase the number of lockers to current 250.


You are welcome to visit our Aquabar. The refreshment area is accessible both from the dry and wet zone. You can enjoy pleasant seating, good coffee, desserts, sundaes, hot meals. Our Wi-Fi connection will make your stay even more pleasant.

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Chip wristbands can be used at 8 of our sports venues
and in addition you get a 20% discount for the each admissions!!

Discount applies by topping up your credit with a minimum amount of CZK 1000.

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