Lužánky Municipal Swimming Pool
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Relaxation Pool 33°C33°C

Not only parents with children will enjoy the stay in a pool with water of 34°C and the depth of only 0.8 m. The water treatment complies with the strictest standards - the water is changed every hour and its temperature is stable at about 33 to 34°C. Access to this pool is suitable for children aged over one year.  Swim nappies for babies can be bought at the ticket office upon request

Children's Water World

Waiting for your children, there is a fully equipped cozy playroom with facilities adapted for our baby visitors - separate showers, washbasins and sanitary facilities. Also available are baby changing tables and baby beds and we did not forget about a discrete nook for breastfeeding mothers as well. You can also heat your baby food in a microwave oven.


You are welcome to visit our Aquabar. The refreshment area is accessible both from the dry and wet zone. You can enjoy pleasant seating, good coffee, desserts, sundaes, hot meals. Our Wi-Fi connection will make your stay even more pleasant.

Čipové hodinky

Naše čipové hodinky můžete použít na všech našich sportovištích
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Sleva platí při nabití čipových hodinek minimální částkou 1 000 Kč.

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