Lužánky Municipal Swimming Pool

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Pool visitors can use a spa zone for an extra charge. This welcoming and enjoyable 810 m2 area has everything needed for a full relaxation and regeneration of your body and mind.
Need a refreshment? Ask our staff for an actual beverage list.

Finnish sauna

Our spacious Finnish sauna possesses U- shaped abachi wood benches and two middle centered stoves with original Finnish sauna rocks.
Capacity: 33 people
Temperature: 75-110 °C
Humidity: 25%

Sauna rituals take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm, 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm. Our
sauna masters are not only in charge of a pleasant atmosphere but also a creation of adequate humidity conditions. They regulate it by tossing a blend of water and essential oils on the stove rocks, overall making it a memorable experience.

Steam room

Blue mosaic tiles, fragrant essences and heated benches make our steam room (temperature 43 °C, humidity 100%) a corner which your body has been craving for. Spacious enough to take simultaneously up to 10 persons. Every Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm we organize exquisite peeling procedures at no extra cost (spa entrance fee covers it). Experience the impact of these wonderful scrub sessions on your welfare. This special peeling has various scents (chocolate, coffee, orange, eucalyptus…)

Bio sauna

Those who can't stand excessive humidity in steam rooms or find Finnish saunas too hot can discover a solution in our bio sauna. Temperature reaches 60-70 °C, while humidity fluctuates from 30 to 60 %. The interior lining makes a few types of wood complemented with Finnish style stove with lava rocks, benches made of African abachi wood which has excellent thermal insulation properties and a very smooth structure. In front of the bio sauna are heated benches with mosaic surfaces, showers and ice water bucket for your complete relaxation in between the cycles.
Capacity: 13 people.

VIP zone

Craving for some more privacy? Our elegant VIP zone is a perfect place for isolation full of serenity and joy. It includes a steam room heated at 45°C, humidity 100%. A starry sky lighting and heated benches with an upper layer of golden mosaic tiles create not only a visual satisfaction but also a romantic and loose atmosphere. The dominant position in the center of this cosy room holds a hot tub (water temperature 33-35 °C) where you can consume some refreshing beverages or champagne if you wish. Toilets, showers and a relaxing area are at your disposal.

We take reservations by phone: 533 033 886, or email us at: Availability check here.

Cooling procedures

The dominant features in our spa are three golden brown luxurious showers. Washing away impurities from your body after sauna sessions becomes a memorable experience thanks to them. At the press of a button, showers imitate a tropical rain, an icy fog or generate clouds of vapour upon your preference. Followed by colourful light effects this will definitely boost your overall mood.

Pick a cooling procedure out of a few possibilities. An ice well sounds perfect but if you are not a lover you can choose a bucket shower or preferably an outdoor cooling pool (depth 1,20 m). At the terrace a relax zone is set with two showers and wooden loungers for your in-between-cycle regeneration. The pool is reachable via stairs with handrails. No access for disabled.

Indoor relaxing room has all the necessities: sanitary facilities, each sauna its own shared showers and loungers. The meditation music spreads all around, folding screens at hand if discretion is needed, and you have nothing left to do, except inevitably putting your body and mind at rest.

Relax zone

In this large area it is possible to increase privacy using the folding screens. This zone has some relaxation loungers along with the tables and chairs. In front of the bio sauna a heated bench is at your disposal. For replenishment you can purchase beverages at the spa reception.

At the terrace you will find a cooling pool with some extra loungers.

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